Pink Champagne Women's
Empowerment Retreat

“May Your Only Pain Be Champagne”

Build Your Self Worth and Your Net Worth





Pink Champagne

I am so excited about releasing my new book, “Pink Champagne” at my women’s empowerment retreat this year! We experience the most pressure when it’s time to elevate. Learn how to let go of the pain and pressure to change your life! Pre-order your copy today. Release date October 1st!

Build Your Self Worth and Your Net Worth!

Don’t Miss a Second!

Just like champagne, women endure an immense amount of pressure. We are judged harder than men, don’t say that, don’t wear that, don’t post that! We are put in a box to present ourselves as unrealistic societal standards. We take risks for our family, we work long hours, we fail, and get right back up! Ladies, get out the box and pour out your fears and get ready to change your life at this retreat! It’s okay to put yourself first in a world that tells you otherwise. Taking care of yourself is not selfish, it is necessary. I’ll see you in Chicago!

You were created to be celebrated
not tolerated!

These are the experiences!

2-Day Jammed Packed Training Experiences

Friday Night Paint & Sip Networking Party

Saturday Mind, Money, & Spirit Training

Saturday Inspirational Yoga Session

Saturday Night All-Black Dinner Party with Chocolate Reception

Sunday Celebration Pink Champagne Brunch & Empowerment Class

Why Should I Attend This Event?

3 Benefits that will drastically improve all aspects of your life!

Prepare For Change

Learn meditation and yoga strategies to strengthen your mental health, courage, and confidence to overcome difficult challenges in your life.

Find Your Purpose

With personality and behavioral assessments and visualization techniques, you will learn how to create a vision to get clear about your goals to completely change your life this year.

Powerful Training

Learn how to create a positive mindset with affirmations to remove self-sabotaging beliefs. Discover how to improve your finances with financial planning and investing strategies.


  • A Weekend Away from Your Routine
  • Meditation & Visualizations
  • Transformational Mind, Money, and Spirit Training
  • Engaging Activities and Learning Experiences
  • Live Music, Inspirational Speakers, & Entertainment
  • Sisterhood Networking & Conversations
  • Delicious Food & Beverages
  • Gifts & Door Prizes


Join us for pink champagne. Get your tickets now for the Pink Champagne Retreat to change your life.

Get Inspired & Motivated For Change!

Ronda Higgins Thornton

Helena Paschal


Helena Paschal

Ayesha Thomas

Veronica Dagon

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    Pink Champagne Retreat

    Can’t attend the retreat? No problem, join us for the Pink Champagne Brunch on Sunday!



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